Craig R. Kelso

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Faith and Certitude

I just finished reading Faith and Certitude by Thomas Dubay. I wish I had the words to describe what a wonderful book it is. It may be that I needed the information contained in the book at this time. Or, it may be that this book has information that everyone should know. It would be impossible to attempt  a summary of the book. I would need to read the book several times to accomplish that task. There are a few tidbits that I remember:

  • The existence of God cannot be proven using human logical reasoning. God's existence can be known based on a "convergence of evidences."
  • Faith in God is a choice, as is atheism.
  • One can have certitude based on the Christ-event.
  • A person can deny the evidence or accept that Christ was/is who He said/says He was/is.


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