Craig R. Kelso

Monday, May 25, 2015

Heroes and Assholes

I watched American Sniper last night. It was a good movie! It created some controversy. After researching a few articles on the Internet, I understand that Clint Eastwood changed/added to some of the story (dramatic license?). Chris Kyle was a gifted soldier. He wanted to fight. Was he a hero? After 9/11, I thought a lot about what it is to be a hero and came up with my own definition: someone who would give their life to save the life of another. That makes Jesus the ultimate hero. Other examples would be Maximilian Kolbe, the firefighters, policemen and others who sacrificed their lives to save other after 9/11. Soldiers are heroes as well. Using this definition, Chris Kyle was, at least, part hero.

Some heroes, if not all, are part hero and part asshole. Chris Kyle fits in this category. While I watched the movie, I admired him for his skills and toughness. But, I wish he would have waited to have a family. It made him seem a bit selfish to put his wife and kids through all that they went through. That made him sort of an asshole. He was a great man, though, nobody should argue with that, but they do. People like Michael Moore condemn him, because they just focus on the negative aspects of his life and personality. However, nobody is a bigger asshole than Michael Moore.

Here is an analogy:

Kyle was more like a bee than a wasp. Michael Moore is pure wasp.

Chris Kyle's wife, Taya, has been through hell, but she seems to be a woman who is strong enough to deal with what life has thrown at her. I pray that their kids grow up healthy and don't have many hangups because of what they have had to endure.