Craig R. Kelso

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's going on?

I read a New York Times article by a guy named Charles Blow (an appropriate name for a blow-hard, liberal journalist) entitled: No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along. He goes on and on about what a bad person Donald Trump is, but accuses Trump of doing some of the same things that Barak Obama did to be elected President and continues to do as President.

Does this mean that Trump's behavior is acceptable? No. So why did Trump get elected? It was a reaction to 8 years of an Obama administration that was so partisan that Republicans came off looking bad because they didn't do enough to counteract progressive policies. Democrats got what they wanted, despite the backlash that they are mostly responsible for creating.

Also, the Democratic party agenda (Socialism/permanent majority) got caught up with Obama's anti-America agenda (weaken the U.S. via unsustainable debt plus a pro-Muslim/anti-Christian bent).

Democrats had a chance to elect the Hillary Clinton as the first female president in 2008, but decided to elect the first half-black President, Barak Obama, instead. As was stated above, his administration was so extreme that people ended up distrusting the government, and the backlash was Trump being elected instead of one of 16 other Republican candidates or Hillary Clinton.

As one Facebook post states: I lived through Obama. You'll live through Trump.