Craig R. Kelso

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Forms of Government

I have been thinking a lot lately about forms of government and why the founding of the United States was so important in the history of the world.  My wife and I have been watching television shows about the history of England, the Medici of Florence, Italy, etc.  Also, I have recently read a book entitled The Last Crusader, which is about the life of Don Juan of Austia, that contained much history about Spain during the reign of Phillip II.  It always shocks me that societies had to live for so many centuries under monarchies.  What a foolish thing it is to pass leadership from one family member to the next.

Then, there are dictatorships like the Soviet Union and NAZI Germany in which people gained control of their governments and used power to maintain control much like a monarchy.  Both the Soviet Union and NAZI Germany attempted to eliminate religion so that the government would be in complete control of its citizens; much like the Roman Empire that demanded of its citizens to worship the emperor as a god.

The founders of the United States of America attempted to create a new kind of government based on much of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom from human history so that the people of the nation would have a voice in the running of the nation.  However, it seems at present that many of the people in the United States want two things:

      1.  A bigger government, and

      2.  Less religion, especially Christianity.

For some reason people believe that it is the government's responsibility to take care of their every need.  Also, they want the government to replace God.  Both of these things taken together would seem to me to be a step backwards in history.

Even though I have not addressed forms of government at length in this blog post, an interesting YouTube video that I refer back to frequently does discuss different forms of government and how they relate to one another.  I have included a link to the video below:

Forms of Government